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Updated #9!! Woo Hoo!!

Hello! And welcome to Update # 9!!
You guys know the rules, if you don't just look at the info page, its all there ^_^

Remember: COMMENT when you dl, please and thanks! ^_^

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Song: Heartplace (DJ Remo-con Remix)
Album: Ayu-Mi-X 5
Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Genre: Pop
Type: Techno/Dance
Language: Japanese
Rating: A

I really wanted to put up a remix of an Ayumi song, so i went through all the remix albums i had for one. I had totally forgotten that i had Ayu-Mi-X 5 on my computer, so i thought i'd take it from there. I wanted to buy the cd a while ago, but it got really bad reviews on yesasia, so i never did. But i got it from somewhere a while ago and never listened to it, but i did today. And the reviewers were right, none of the remixes were very good, except for this one.

I really really love this remix of "Heartplace". The music just sounds so cool! The beat and everything. With a lot of the remixes off "Ayu-Mi-X 5", the music didn't go very well with the way the lyrics were sung, but with this one, they sounded great together!! I highly reccoment this one to you all!! ^_^

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Song: My Way
Album: My Way
Artist: Hins
Genre: Pop
Type: Ballad
Language: Chinese
Rating: A

I found out about Hins about a month ago when i downloaded this song from some website. Since i don't listen to much Chinese music, I'm always interested in finding new chinese artists. And let me tell you, i am really glad that i downlaoded this song!

I Really love the music in this song. And i Love the way his voice sounds. He has a very very nice voice and i could listen to him sing all day long! This song is just pretty and mellow. He uses some english in it, and it sounds prefect! You can understand hime very well! So yeah, i'd DL this song if i were you! ^^

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Song: Sarah
Album: 300 lésions
Artist: Kyo
Genre: Pop/Rock
Type: I'd not really sure...
Language: French
Rating: A

Ok, a while back i put up one of there songs, "Dernière danse" which i loved at the time and i still love it now!! I totally forgot about Kyo until this month. This mainly due to the fact that in y french class, there is this guy who's from france and he helps my teacher teach us french (oh god, he's so cute!) I aked him if had herd of them, and he had. He also said tat he'd been to one of their concerts.

But yeah, I really really like this song. I got like, 4 of their songs today and i chose this one because i think it was the best. Its not as good as "Dernière danse", but it is still really good! What i really like about it is that it sounds kind of dark and ti think it makes it special. Its just good and if you DL it, you'll know what i mean hahahaha

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Song: 蜘蛛 (Kumo - Spider)
Album: 蜘蛛 single
Artist: Lover Sound Track
Genre: Pop/Rock
Type: again, i'm not really sure
Language: Japanese
Rating: A-

I know ablsolutly nothing about Lover Sound Track. Nothing at all! All i know is that this is the song that Ayumi Hamasaki got the music for her song "Memorial Address". I thought i'd put it up incase no one had ever herd the original version before. Its a really good song, but i prefer the Ayu version myself. But i reccomend that you all downlaod this one too- its good!

Haha, that was crappy XDD

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Song: melancholic
Album: melancholic single
Artist: Plastic Tree
Genre: Rock
Type: Uhh... Rock
Language: Japanese
Rating: A

I'm not really into the whole J-rock scene, but i really like this song. One of my best friends absolutly loves this band. The only J-rock group that i really really like is Janne Da Ark. But I love this song a lot, so i thought i'd put it up! I really like the lead vocals and i think they go very well with the music. Wow, thats so repetitive! I think i've said that in all of the descriptions/reviews... I guess that a really big thing for me!

Enjoy this weekends music!
And please remember to comment!
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