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Heres the rules! Make sure to follow them!:

1.Do not direct link
2.Leave a comment if you download, listing what songs you took (we do this so we know if people are downloading from us and what types of music are gathering the most interest)
3. These mp3s are for sampling purposes only. Please delete these within 24 hours of downloading them onto your computer. If you do not do this, we are in no way responsible for any trouble you might have regarding this.

If you follow these simple rules, I'm sure we'll get along fine. Thank you for choosing The Rage Beat and we hope you stop by again.

on to this weekends music!!

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Song: Ballerina
Album: Into the Stars (single)
Artist: Olivia
Genre: Pop/rock
Type: Ballad
Language: Japanese/English
Rating: A+

I never listened to this song until this week, and am I glad i did! I think that this is now my favorite Olivia song. The music is so pretty, and her voice flows so well with it. I was really into Olivia over the summer, but my intrest has been winding down as of late. But after hearing this song, my love for her was renewed!! So i highly recomend that you all download this song!! SO GOOD!!

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Song: Go Or Go Ahead
Album: WANT One
Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Genre: Alternative
Type: Ballad i guess
Language: English
Rating: A+++

I LOVE Rufus Wainwright so much!! He is anmazing singer/songwriter! He writes all of his own lyrics and music and plays almost all the guitar and piano in his songs. His lyrics are so good and clever!

This song comes off the album "WANT One", which is my favorite album of his. I don't really think there is a genre that he can fit into, his music doesn't fit into any genre that i can think of. This song is just... Amazing. The music is just so good, and voice sounds so amazing with the music. I swear i could listen to this song over and over and over and never tire from it!

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Song: 蝶ノ森
Album: Meme
Artist: Rurutia
Genre: Pop
Type: Dance-ish
Language: Japanese
Rating: A

I've just recently gotten into Rurutia. I downlaoded one of her songs from somewear and really liked her style. This song "蝶ノ森" which roughly means "Butterfly Forest" is one of the best songs off this album. My other favorite song on it is "tone" and i couldn't deside which one to put up! But I chose "蝶ノ森" because the music is just so cool. It seems very techno infused, and is just amazing!

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Song: 忽忘草
Album: 蜜 (Mitsu)
Artist: Kou Shibasaki
Genre: Pop
Type: Ballad
Language: Japanese
Rating: A-

Ha, i'm starting to feel lazy abotu describing these songs...

I really like this song. I love Kou's voice, its so nice, especially in this song. "忽忘草" which roughly means "Suddenlt forgets the Grass", is one of my favorite songs of Kou's. I couldn't deside what song of her's to put up, buti chose this one. The music is really nice and her voice sounds great!

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Song: Orange no Yuhi
Album: Z
Artist: Aone
Genre: Pop
Type: Ballad
Language: Japanese
Rating: A

I've really coem to love Zone. I've always liked the song "Sotsugyo", but i never heard any of their other songs. But a abotu a week ago, some put up all their albums, so i got them, and i love them!!

I really like "Orange no Yuhi". Its so different from their usual happy bouncy songs. But not all of their music is like (which was i thought). All of their ballads are really good, but this one is my favorite! I highly recomend it to you all!!

I hope you all enjoy these songs!!
But if i don't get any comments, but i find people are downloading, i'm going to close this LJ.
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