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Update #7 (Sheesh.. i suck XD)

Woo Hoo!!
I'm so happy to be updating again!!

Ok, so first things first!
I'm making some changes to the rules:
Instead of using YouSendIt, I am going to use Megaupload.
Even though it is a pain to have to wait, like, 45 seconds, but the downloads will stay up a lot longer that 7 days. So if i get lazy and don't upload one weekend, the downloads will still be available ^_^

Lets see what else...

Its going to just be me uploading music now, although its been that way for a while now.
And I'm really hoping that i can keep up with this XDD
I feel really bad when i don't XDD

I still would like you guys to comment when you download somehting.
It helps me to know if this place is active and when you guys like ^_^

Make sure to read over the Rules in the info before you download ^_^

Ok, now that all of that is over, time for teh music!!

Image hosted by
Song: 슬픈영화 (Rocky Mix)
Artist: Loveholic
Album: [Re:All] F.L.O.R.I.S.T
Genre: Pop
Type Ballad
Language: Korean
Rating: A+

Loveholic is one of my favorite Korean bands/groups. One of my favorite songs by them is called "Sky". Its such a sad song, and the video makes me cry! I'll upload them both sometimes if you guys have never seen it.

This remix of "슬픈영화" comes off the re-release of their first album "Florist" which is called "[Re:All] F.L.O.R.I.S.T". Theis re-release comes with the original cd and an extra disc with remixes of some songs on it, and this song was on it. This is an amazing song. The lead vocalists voice goes so well with the pwerful yet melancholy music. I highly recomend this song if you like ballads- 'tis very good ^_^

Image hosted by
Song: twinkle twinkle poppp!
Artist: capsule
Album: L.D.K. Lounge Designers Killer
Genre: Techno
Type Haha, i don't even know XDD HAPPY!!
Language: Japanese
Rating: A

Ok, I have liked capsule for a while now, but yesterday was the first time i was ever able to hear one of their albums. And i have to say that it was pretty awesome! Almost all the songs are these very optimistic funky techno songs. And this one is nothing short of that! "twinkle twinkle poppp!" is such a cute and happy song XDD I love it XDD

Image hosted by
Song: Hot Stuff featuring KM_MARKIT
Artist: Koda Kumi
Album: secret
Genre: Pop
Type: Skanky Dance music!!
Language: Japanese
Rating: A+

I used to seriously hate Koda Kumi. I had pretty shallow reasons for it too. I didn't like her because she was skanky (and yet i liked britney spears... hm...) and because my friends didn't like her. Buti don't really care anymore! I love her! haha, i love her skanky style- it fits her and i can't really picture her any other way.

"Hot Stuff" is sure to set your skanky dancing needs!! I know sometimes i like to dance a little skanky when i'm home alone, and this is the perfect song to it to!! But really though, its a very catchy song. Probably my favorite Koda song besides one of her newer songs "Butterfly". I highly suggest that you download this one- its not to be missed!

Image hosted by
Song: Change the World
Album: Wings of Words single
Genre: Pop
Type Ballad
Language: English
Rating: A

Ha, it seems like i've said this in all of the descriptions! But i love CHEMISTRY!! They are one, if not my favorite, Japanese duo! And this song is simply amazing! Its a cover, but i can't remember who sang it originally... But i think this version is better ^_^ This is another song that i highly suggest that you download!! Its soooooo good ^______^

Ok, thats it for this weekend.
I know i usually put up 5, but i have a friend over right now, and i do't want to totally neglect her XDD
She is the one who has that MP3 Rotation LJ i mentioned last week!
Here's another link to it, and You should all go there and put this banner in your userinfo!
But if you do, i'd like it if you would upload the picture by your own means, unless you really can't.
Here it is!:

Ok, see you all next weekend!
Enjoy the downlaods ^______________^
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