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Update #6! -=REMOVED=-

Here's Update #6!

Heres the rules incase you fogot!

1.Do not direct link
2.Leave a comment if you download, listing what songs you took (we do this so we know if people are downloading from us and what types of music are gathering the most interest)
3. These mp3s are for sampling purposes only. Please delete these within 24 hours of downloading them onto your computer. If you do not do this, we are in no way responsible for any trouble you might have regarding this.

If you follow these simple rules, I'm sure we'll get along fine. Thank you for choosing The Rage Beat and we hope you stop by again.

Ok, this week, I'm uploading 6 songs and a single!

Here we go!

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Song: HONEY (Classical Ver.)
Artist: ayumi hamasaki
Album: MY STORY Classical
Genre: Pop
Type: Orchestra
Language: Japanese
Rating: A+

Ahh... I love Ayumi XDD. This is the Classical version of Ayu's song "HONEY". O think that it is my favorite song off of "MY STORY Classical". All of the tracks are wonderful, so i highly reccamend you cheack it out!

The orchestral music fits the song so well. It makes it feel light and airy. Ayu;s voice sounds so cut in it ^___^ i think thats also another reason why i like it so much! This is definatly a must download!

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Song: 태양을 피하는 방법 (Gtr. Remix)(How to escape the sun)
Artist: Bi (Rain)
Album: Rain 2;
Genre: Pop
Type: Ballad
Language: Korean
Rating: A+

Debuting in 2003, Bi was (and is) a huge success! He is one ok Korea's hotest and most popular Artists. Bi expanded by making a debut in Japan. He re-realased his 3rd album "Its Raining" in Japan that had extra songs he sang in Japanese! He was ver well recived there, so i would imagin they will hear more from him in Japan.

"태양을 피하는 방법 (Gtr. Remix)" or "How To Escape the sun" comes off of Bi's second album "Rain 2;". This is my favorite Bi song ever! It is so filled with eomtion and the music is great! This is the remixed version of the song. Both versions appear on the album, but i think this ver is a lot better! Ha, when it comes up on my iPod, i usually skip it because it makes me cry! Thats how good it is! (haha, i'm not sappy at all! XD)

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Song: Z!Z!Z! -Zip!Zap!Zipangu!
Artist: Hitomi Shimatani
Album: Crossover
Genre: Pop
Type: Dance
Language: Japanese
Rating: A+

Since i have just gotten into Hitomi Shimatani, i don't really know much about her. I found out about her when i randomely downlaoded one of her music videos. it was called "itsuno hi nika", and i just had to hear more of her music. So, i downloaded her album "Crossover" and I've fallen in love!

"Z!Z!Z! -Zip!Zap!Zipangu!" comes off of Hitomi Shimatani's 5th album "Crossover". It can also be found on her 17th single "ANGELUS -アンジェラス-/Z!Z!Z! -Zip!Zap!Zipangu!-". This song is just amazimg. It really is. It starts off sounding very orchestral then it turns into an awsome dance song!! Her voice is so amazing and very strong! I just love this song to peices! If you love to dance or just bob back and forthe and side to side, you'll love this song!!

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Song: ふたつ星記念日 (Two star commemoration days)
Artist: Otsuka Ai
Genre: Pop
Type: umm... Poppy? XD
Language: Japanese
Rating: A

Oh God... I don't think i can even begin to explain my love of Otsuka Ai! Haha, she's just so cute and awsome! She has the CUTEST voice EVER!! I LOVE HER!! XDD

"ふたつ星記念日" or "Two star commemoration days" (sorry, i had to use an online translator >_<) comes off of Otsuka Ai's newest album "LOVE JAM". This song is so cute, just like most of her other ones! This one gives me the feeling of summer. Even though its still cold here in Michigan, i can feela warm breeze comming from the speakers when i listen to this song.

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Song: Fed Up
Artist: Mika Nakashima
Album: MUSIC
Genre: Pop
Type: Rock-ish
Language: Japanese
Rating: A+

Mika Nakashima, who debuted in 2001 with her single "STARS", as a very unique style of music. She ahs a more Jazzy type style, so this song suprised me! "Fed Up" comes off of Mika's new album "MUSIC" which was released in March of this year. "Fed Up" is so different from her usual. Its more rock than Jazz. Its so wonderful... It sounds very ochestral and then when it gets to the chorus and bridge... BAM! ROCK! Its totally awsome! You all shoud DL it!

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Song: Gaia
Artist: Janne Da Arc
Album: Gaia (Single)
Genre: Rock
Type: Rock
Language: Japanese
Rating: A-

Ok, now, I know NOTHING about Janne Da Arc. I just know i love this song! Its really really good. When i first listened to it, i thought there were no vocals, and usually thatruns me off. But there was something about the music that made me keep listeing. Then 1 min and 45 sec into it, the words came. The lead singers voice is so nice... I could listen to him sing all day! The way he sings the song is just amazing.

Ok, now here is somthing special!
I'm presenting you with the CHEMISTRY single "mirage in blue/いとしい人 (Itoshii Hito)"!!

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Album: mirage in blue/いとしい人 (Single)
Genre: R&B
Language: Japanese
Rating: A++

mirage in blue
いとしい人 (Itoshii Hito)
meaning of tears (live ver.)
mirage in blue [Instrumental]
いとしい人 [Instrumental]

This is my favorite CHEMISTRY single ever! The songs are so good! "mirage in blue" has a definate summer feel. Its a very fun song! "いとしい人" or "Itoshii Hito" is my favorite song on the single. In fact, its currently my alarm clock! Its such a good song... I can't find the words to describe it. My favorite part of the song is at the end when they harmonize... Oh God, it sounds so so so good! I love CHEMISTRY! "meaning of tears (live ver.)" is also ver good. CHEMISTRY sounds amazing live. This is just a sample of how awsome they saound. I think overall, they're Awsome!!! SUGOI NE!?!

Well, i hope you enjoy these songs!
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