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Update #5 -=REMOVED=-

Hey, Alex here!
Update #5!!!

hahahaha, talke about a hiatus!
Well, hopefully we're back!
I'm just not sure how often we'll update...
But we'll try!!

Here are the rules, just in case you forgot:

1.Do not direct link
2.Leave a comment if you download, listing what songs you took (we do this so we know if people are downloading from us and what types of music are gathering the most interest)
3. These mp3s are for sampling purposes only. Please delete these within 24 hours of downloading them onto your computer. If you do not do this, we are in no way responsible for any trouble you might have regarding this.

If you follow these simple rules, I'm sure we'll get along fine. Thank you for choosing The Rage Beat and we hope you stop by again.

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Song: from your letter "pandart sasanooha Mix"
Artist: ayumi hamasaki
Album: kanriya (single)
Genre: Pop
Type: Remix (haha, good description, i know!!)
Language: Japanese
Rating: A+

"from your letter "pandart sasanooha Mix"" comes off of ayumi hamasaki's 12th single "kanariya" which was released on 1999/12/08.

This song has a very very unique feel to it. When I listen to it, I think of the 60's. haha, I even picture ayumi as a go-go dancer doing this funky little dance XDD. It is my favorite Ayu remix ever I think. Haha, it's just really really good ^_^

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Song: I Think I
Artist: Byul
Album: Full House OST
Genre: Pop
Type: Ballad
Language: Korean
Rating: A-

"I Think I" by Byul was used in one of the most highly rated Dramas in Korea called "Full House".

I Don't really know too much about Byul... Actially, I don't know anyhting about her!! I just know that everytime this song played on "Full House", I cried. It was a combination of the song and what was going on. Oh man... such a good ballad!

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Song: Glitter
Artist: Kou Shibasaki
Album: Glitter (single)
Genre: Pop
Type: umm... not really sure!
Language: Japanese
Rating: A

"Glitter" comes off Kou Shibasaki's 7th single "Glitter"! You may know of Kou from some of her movies. Kou has stared in movies such as "Battle Royal" "One Missed Call", "Drive" as well as many others! She was also in one of my personal favorite Japanese dramas "Orange Days"! She is very Talented in both her music and her acting ^_^

"Glitter"... Hmm... how does one describe the song "Glitter"? Haha, i don't really know!! But i think its a reather fast paced ballad. Its very good. Haha, i'm sorry, i suck with reviews today!!

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Artist: Namie Amuro
Album: ALARM (single)
Genre: Pop
Type: Dance
Language: Japanese
Rating: A-

"ALARM" comes off Amuro Namie's hit single "ALARM"!

"ALARM" is defintaly one of my favorite Amuro Namie songs. It has suck a great beat and the words flow so well with it. Haha, the lyrics are actually kind of funny XDD. The english parts don't make much sence and make me laugh. for example: "Kick me harder, Kick my booty" or "Tick-tack lady, tick-tack baby". Yeah... But its an awsome song to dance to ^_^

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Song: Hug
Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Album: Hug (Single)
Genre: Pop
Type: Ballad-ish
Language: Korean
Rating: A+

Ahh... Dong Bang Shin Ki... What can i say about them... THEY'ER ALL FREAKING HOT! Ahahahahaha "Hug" is such an awsome song. I love it to peices! They're voices sound so good together and they are so easy to listen to, especially in this song. I highly recomend them! Another song i recommend is "TRI-ANGLE" which is very much the rock song! SO GOOD ^_^

Ok, thats it for this week!!
I'll try to more up next week!!
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