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Update #4!! -=REMOVED=-

Hey Everyone!!

This update is kind of strange because the songs are going to expire kind of early.
Like all of mine(this is Alex)are going to expire saturday, and Jimmy's will expire sunday.
I just thought i'd let you know!

Ok, here are the rules incase you forgot:
1.Do not direct link
2.Leave a comment if you download, listing what songs you took (we do this so we know if people are downloading from us and what types of music are gathering the most interest)
3. These mp3s are for sampling purposes only. Please delete these within 24 hours of downloading them onto your computer. If you do not do this, we are in no way responsible for any trouble you might have regarding this.

If you follow these simple rules, I'm sure we'll get along fine. Thank you for choosing The Rage Beat and we hope you stop by again.

Here is the Music!! Yay!

Jimmy’s Picks

First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to post anything the last update. My life was very hectic and I didn’t get time. Second, these reviews may not be my most in depth, because my computer ate my original reviews and I wrote these up rather quickly.
Moving on, I decided to go with an English theme this time. All of the songs are in English in this update. They are some of my favorite, hence the high ratings. Just don’t want everyone thinking I’m easy.

Song: : Simple and Clean Live
Artist: Hikaru Utada
Album: COLORS Single, Kingdom Hearts OST
Genre: Pop-rock
Type: Acoustic
Language: English
Rating: A
Simple and Clean is the English version of Utada Hikaru’s song Hikari. It is also the theme song for the video game Kingdom Hearts. Chances are, if you’re visiting the website you know who Hikki is, so I’m not going to write a bio about her.
This is the live version of Simple of Clean from the UH Live Streaming thingy that Utada did. It has a slightly different arrangement from the version on the CD, and I like this one a lot more. There is some really nice acoustic guitar with really great piano thrown in. All the instruments as well as Hikaru’s voice fit together very well in this song. The vocal performance is really strong.

Song: : Such Great Heights
Artist: The Postal Service
Album: Give Up
Genre: Electronica
Type: Upbeat, techno-pop
Language: English
Rating: A-

The Postal Service is made up of Jimmy Tamborello and Ben Gibbard. Jimmy does all the electronic stuff, sending all of the music over to Ben, who lives on the other side of the country. Ben then writes lyrics and melodies and records vocals to go along with the lyrics.
This is my favorite Postal Service song. It’s definitely a very radio friendly song, with a slight pop flavor to go along with the electronica. It has very funky lyrics, but a really cool melody and great soothing, laid back vocals. It’s upbeat, but also very relaxing with a dreamy quality too it. I love the intro and all of the music in this song is just really cool.

Song: Mad World
Artist: Gary Jules
Album: Trading Snake Oil for Wolftickets, Donnie Darko OST
Genre: I really have no idea…O.o;;
Type: Balladish
Language: English
Rating: A-

Mad World is a song by Gary Jules, although it was originally a cover by someone else I believe, although I’m not sure who. This version is apparently much better. Anyway, this song is also from the movie Donnie Darko and plays towards the end of the movie.
This is a very touching song. It’s very emotional and very sad. I really like the vocals in it, as well as the lyrics. The music is a tad bit on the generic side, but the rest of it makes up for it. This song is made even sadder by the scene that it plays in during Donnie Darko… This is a very good ballad, one that is not boring at all.

Alex’s Pics!!!

Song: Dernière danse
Artist: Kyo
Album: Le chemin
Genre: Rock
Type: err rock?
Language: French
Rating: A-

Ok, lets see… Kyo is a French rock band. The lead singer is Ben and the names f the rest of the people in the band are Fab, Niko, and Flo. And that’s about all I know about them.

This is the first and only Kyo song that I have herd, but from it, I get the feeling I will like them lots so I need to get some more songs. “Dernière danse”, which means “Last Dance”, comes off of their second album “Le Chemin” which means “The Way” haha! I guess my French calss pays off! is kind of a mellow rock song. Ben’s vocals are really good. I love the way the French sounds…

Song: 桃ノ花ビラ(Momo no Hanabira)
Artist: Otsuka Ai
Album: Love Punch
Genre: pop
Type: Up beat Ballad
Language: Japanese
Rating: A

“Momo no Hanabira” comes off of Otsuka Ai’s debute album, “Love Punch”, which I own and love to pieces. “Momo no Hanabira” is a sort of up beat ballad-ish song… Its very cute. Hmm… what else is there to say?

Song: 朧月夜〜祈り (Oborozukiyo – Inori) (Acoustic mix)
Artist: Mika Nakashima
Album: 朧月夜〜祈りMini Album
Genre: Pop
Type: acoustic/ballad
Language: Japanese
Rating: A+

“Oborozukiyo – Inori” comes off of Mika’s latest Mini album with the same title. Unfortunately, even though it just cam out on the 15th of this month, its already out of print ;_; This makes me sad because I wanted to buy it… Oh well…

The version of “Oborozukiyo – Inori” that I decided to put up is the acoustic mix. There isn’t really a reason, the original one is really good as well. It’s a very beautiful song. I think what I like most about it is the violins. They are more prominent in this version than in the original.


Ok, well a while ago, last week I think, I said that I would put up the full version of Ayu’s “CAROLS” and I didn’t… but I am now!!

Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Album: CAROLS single
Genre: Pop
Type: Ballad
Language: Japanese
Rating: A+

Wee!! Ayu’s new song!! I love it a lot!

“CAROLS” comes off of Ayumi’s single “CAROLS.” This song reminds me a lot of Ayu’s older music. The music is simple and beautiful. Her voice sounds great, maybe a little hi pitched, but hey, its Ayu! “CAROLS” has a very large Christmas vibe to it. Can’t wait for the single to come out!
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